SMARTFOCUS drops - CBD dropper for Enhanced Focus, Mood and Endurance (30 days)

SMARTFOCUS drops - CBD dropper for Enhanced Focus, Mood and Endurance (30 days)

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Smooth, Powerful, Mood and Focus Enhancement.


***NOTE: Our CBD products are made from 100% organic Hemp and contain less than 0.03% THC. They are completely non-psychoactive.

SMARTFOCUS drops combines the most proven nootropic stack with concentrated CBD Oil to reduce inflammation, anxiety and other elements limiting cognitive performance.

Contains 22mg of absorption-ready CBD per dropper (1ML).



Sustainably increases mental performance and mood without the typical anxiety and stress of a classic stimulant-based solution.


Each order comes with 30mls, enough for a  30 day supply.

Take 1 dropper under your tongue, will take 2-3 minutes to kick in and last for 3-4 hours.  


Organic CBD Extract, Organic Celastrus Paniculatus, Noopept, Organic Citicoline, Organic Piperine, Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine, Organic Pregnenolone, Organic DHEA.


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